The Story

A world kids love using words they can read.

Dinosaurs are back and on the loose! It’s up to the D-Bot Squad to catch them.
Hunter Marks knows everything there is to know about dinosaurs. But will it be enough to build a d-bot that can catch a real dinosaur?

Dinosaurs are being bred in secret on a far away island. But now some have escaped and D-Bot Squad needs people who can catch them using robotic dinosaurs that are stronger, faster, smarter than the dinosaurs. Hunter is chosen but he will need to think fast and learn about teamwork if he is going to catch them!

This is one school day that will be anything but normal ….

8 books inter-connected with cliff-hanger endings to get boys’ reading momentum going!


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The Books

D-Bot Squad 1: Dino Hunter
Available July 2017
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D-Bot Squad 2: Sky High
Available July 2017
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D-Bot Squad 3: Double Trouble
Available July 2017
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D-Bot Squad 4: Big Stink
Available July 2017
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D-Bot Squad 5: Stack Attack
Available October 2017
D-Bot Squad 6: Deep Dive
Available October 2017
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D-Bot Squad 7
Available February 2018
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D-Bot Squad 8
Available February 2018

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D-Bot Squad is published by Allen & Unwin. Click here to view their website.


Everyone loves D-Bot Squad

"This book was AWESOME. It made me feel excited about reading."

Xavier, 6

"Compared to other books Xavier has read D-Bot Squad was much more involved – the boys were really caught up and we talking about the book, rather than just listening to the story."

Katrina, Xavier’s Mum

"It made me feel amazing about reading, because that’s the first whole chapter book I’ve ever read."

Olivia, 6

"I like the size of the words and it has punctuation."

Kye, 7

"It made me feel excited to see what happens next."

Adam, 6

"This is a fantastic book. Although the text is simple it is engaging. Short, sharp chapters to keep the reader involved. Using the elements of building and games to keep the reader engaged is perfect. The adjectives are so suitable for this age group. The whole concept it wonderful."

Glynis Neeves, Teacher, Early Stage 1 and Stage 1